The Occoneechee COPE and Climbing Program is a component of the Occoneechee Council,Boy Scouts of America.  The Council Headquarters are in Raleigh, North Carolina with facilities at the Occoneechee Scout Reservation in Carthage, NC. We offer a complete package of opportunities to every range of Scout, from Cub Scout up through Venture Crew. Our facilities are open year round for not only scouting groups but non-scouting groups as well.

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The Occoneechee Climbing staff will hold an instructor/facilitator training course on the weekend of April 1st, 2016 (no fooling).  Please see this link for more information:
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ACCT Standard Receives ANSI Approval
The most widely recognized standard for challenge courses and zip lines is now an ANS

Special Activity Permits are now required for ALL organized rock climbing groups. This new regulation applies to ALL North Carolina State Parks.  A Special Activity Permit can be obtained online at or at the Park Office, and it must be submitted to the Park Superintendent at least 14 days in advance of your planned trip.  This effort is to enable parks to manage the climbing areas and the natural resource more effectively. In addition, this will enable each park to maintain a safe number of climbers per day. 
In accordance with current BSA Cope/Climbing Standards the following program changes are in effect: 

D. All COPE and climbing programs are operated according to the guidelines contained in the following table. All staff members may be considered as part of the staff to maintain the required ratio of staff to participants; however, instructors in training must be directly supervised by a Level I or Level II instructor or a director. A Level II instructor or director directly supervises the program and must be present at the program site except for bouldering or portable climbing walls. 
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Dave Pederson
The COPE and Climbing Committee sadly announce the passing of Dave Pederson.

Dave's contribution to the Scouting community will be missed by all...

Occoneechee will provide site specific training on our COPE and Climbing program during the weekend of April 4-6.  Completion of this course will set the stage for further training in Natural Rock and Advanced COPE facilitation.  

Course fee is $45 and includes instructional material and some meals for the weekend (Saturday night on your own).

Participants must be in excellent physical condition and complete BSA YP and COS prior to attendance.



Take your climbing to the next level with a weekend Natural Rock instructor course.

Participants must already be certified as Occoneechee Climbing Instructors

Registration for this event is here:

Sign up

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Tower Instructor and COPE Facilitator Class

Ever wondered what it would take for you to open the climbing tower for your unit to use, or how you could help your unit on the COPE course? Well here is your chance.  The next tower instructor and COPE facilitator training session will be April 5th to April 7th at Camp Durant. The course is limited to 15 registered adults. Go  to the Council calendar for registration information.

Registration Details

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I would like to schedule a work day on the COPE course to address some of the issues from our last inspection.  I will provide lunch for all who attend.   Here are the items that need work...

Experienced climbers can help keep climbing/rappelling as part of BSA activities by becoming a trained BSA instructor for your unit, district, or council.  

The Occoneechee COPE and Climbing Committee will hold their next training class for Climbing instructors on the weekend of September 28th at Camp Durant.  Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certified climbing instructors for the Camp Durant facilities and after a final field "checkout" will be able to open the climbing tower for unit activities.

Based on interest, a follow up course will be provided for Natural Rock certification.

National BSA standards ("Climb on Safely") require councils, districts, merit badge counselors and units participating in climbing/rappelling activities to have qualified Instructor at the activity site. BSA standards recognize qualified instructors from nationally recognized climbing schools, colleges, or a certified BSA climbing instructor.  Each Scout Camp may have additional requirements (such as course familiarization) before they can be opened for an event. 
But... there's room in November for your unit.   We have a new online registration system now available to get your name on the list.   Just Click Reservations and then OPEN Cope and Climb. ...
The Hemlock Distirct camporee is set for Saturday April 28, they would like to use the tower and COPE course. Tony has staff lined up for the tower, but we could use staff for the COPE course. 
If you are a trained CI from Hemlock district, and you unit will be attending this would be a easy help for us. They plan for a 2 hour session in the morning and a 2 hour session in the afternoon.   

Let Charlie Brown know if you can help, and sign up using our website calendar.   Thanks 
Congratulations to our latest class of students completing (or recertifying) the COPE and Climbing Instructor Training.   These students attended over 16 hours of classroom and practical hands on training over the weekend of March 30 - April 1st and are qualified to run unit climbing events at Camp Durant.

Lawrence Katz - Fayetteville
Scott Dyreng - Hillsborough
Patrick Brandt - Mebane
Bill Campell - Raleigh
Jon Davis - Durham
Keith Cochran - Wake Forest
Ralph Embrey - Raleigh
Adam Vaughn - Hillsborough
Scott Kelly - Hillsborough
Kim Gray - Sanford 
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"OPEN" Weekends

Just about every month, the COPE and Climbing Section has a weekend reserved on the calendar as either "OPEN CLIMBING" or "OPEN COPE".   These weekends provide the opportunity for any unit to register with the council and come to an event fully staffed by Occoneechee Program Staff members.   The fee for these weekend events is only $5.00 per participant.

For more information, please see... OPEN Weekends

We will be having 3 training date on the new tower rigging procedrues. August 20 at Camp Durant from 9 AM to Noon. For this event you need to contact David Pederson @ to sign u...
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Summer Camp Zip-Line

The COPE Staff will open the Zip-Line every Wednesday Afternoon during summer camp for the use of all campers.  Zing down the course or try to set a new record on the High-Ropes Course. 

Space is limited, so check with your Camp Commissioner about signing up for this fun event.

Camp Staff Job Opening

Orange County Council #39 has posted the following Camp Staff Job Opening.  You have received this message because you have a valid and unexpired National Camping School certification for the requested certification type.  If you are interested in the position, you can reply to this email or use the other contact methods listed below.


Camp Staff Job Opening

Crater Lake Council #491 has posted the following Camp Staff Job Opening.  If you are interested in the position,  use the other contact methods listed below.

             Council:            Crater Lake Council #491

      NCS Certification:  Climbing


It looks like our final number will be between 61 and 65, and the program will be cut back to a one day event on April 20th starting at 8:30 ( possibly girls only) the boys will arrive about 9:00. I would prefer all starting at 9:00 so we will see...

The COPE/Climbing program training is now offered as one weekend dedicated to the COPE and Tower Programs, in April and October, with a separate weekend dedicated to the Rock Program, and only once a year.  This training REQUIRES that you complete the COPE/Tower program training in the previous Fall or Spring sessions.

Liberty Mountain Recalls Climbing Harnesses Due to Fall Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Name of Product: Edelweiss Challenge Climbing Harnesses

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CPSC, Misty Mountain Threadworks Inc. Announce Recall of Climbing Harness

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Misty Mountain Threadworks Inc. of Banner Elk, N.C., is recalling about 5,000 climbing harnesses with a front entry sleeve system. If attached incorrectly, the climber's swami belt can be held by only a small piece of elastic behind the sleeve. Climbers who don't realize this mistake create a dangerous situation where the belay/rappel loop tears through the elastic webbing, potentially causing the climber to flip backwards, possibly causing injury.

Misty Mountain Threadworks is aware of at least three incidents where climbers have ripped the elastic webbing, but there have been no injuries reported.


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