The volunteers of the OSR COPE and Climbing Program offer a multitude of events during the from which your unit can choose to participate. BSA Units and outside organizations can choose an available weekend and request a customized program on COPE, the Climbing Tower or even an outdoor rock climbing event with one of our trained instructors.  The different event types are listed below, along with the specific registration and payment requirements.   Please keep in mind that all our events are staffed by BSA volunteers whose availability varies during the calendar year.   Staffing requirements vary by group size and event type and are a factor in confirming your event.  Please make your request as early as possible in order to allow the most time to solicit volunteer staff.


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Project COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) is an exciting outdoor activity that attracts older boys to Scouting. It is designed to meet the needs of today's scouts who are seeking greater challenges to their physical and mental abilities. Project COPE is based around seven goals that form the backbone of the program. They are: Teamwork, Planning, Leadership, Communication, Trust, Self-Esteem, Decision Making and Problem Solving

    The Durant Climbing Tower provides over 40 feet of vertical challenges for scouts of all ages.
    OSR offers a number of events during the year when the facilities are staffed with volunteer course instructors and supervised by BSA Camp School directors.  Events alternate between COPE and Climbing events.
    The Council provides a full set of climbing gear (helmets, harnesses, ropes, and even climbing shoes for 15 climbers). With this gear, and Council-trained climbing instructors, scouting units can top-rope anywhere in the state.

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