Natural Rock Reservations

The Council can provide a full set of climbing gear (helmets, harnesses, ropes, and even climbing shoes for 18 climbers). With this gear, and Council-trained climbing instructors, your Boy Scout Troop or Venture Crew can top-rope anywhere in the state.

Program/Usage Fees

Council owned climbing equipment may be reserved for use by Occoneechee Council units with adult leaders that have obtained the proper certification and training to lead unit climbing activities. Current BSA Standards require a Level 2 instructor to supervise the event when council equipment is in use.  Equipment is let out on a daily use basis and must be returned immediately after the scheduled day. All equipment will be inventoried and inspected prior to issue and upon return for any damage. Units will be expected to reimburse the council for any lost or damaged equipment beyond what is considered normal wear and tear.

Use of rock climbing equipment by groups other than Occoneechee Council units is not permitted.

Fee Schedule:               $75.00 -  equipment fee.   Staff fee is negotiable.

Trips of longer duration will be negotiated with the reservation coordinator.  Cost for lost or damaged equipment is 100% of the replacement cost.

How to Make a Reservation


Check availability:
Using the reservation calendar to the right, see if your activity is available on the date you desire.  Check the date and click Reserve



Find Staff: 


Make arrangements for a Level 2 (Director) and climbing instructors (minimum of 2, with a ratio of 1 instructor to 6 participants). You’ll need names for the actual reservation. If you don’t have instructors, the Council will attempt to provide them for an additional $75 each.  If an Open Climbing event, staff are provided.



Receive Confirmation:
Once your program is approved, you will receive confirmation from the Climbing Program director.  Confirmation will include the list of staff and any program fees.  All fees must be paid at the Occoneechee Council Office prior to the scheduled event.

Contact Kevin Blackwood 


Have fun with your event!


Check Equipment Availability