Nitro Crossing - COPE

Nitro Crossing

The Challenge and Objectives
The entire group must cross a “ravine,” carrying with them a container of “nitro” fluid. Group members may not touch the ground or spill any of the nitro. Once team members cross the ravine, they must all fit within three hula hoops placed on the ground.  The exercise can also be done without a nitro container.

Tasks for the Instructor

  1. Inspect the rope for wear.
  2. Connect the rope to the cable using the ladder.
  3. Inspect the cable system for security.
  4. Weight test the rope by putting your full body weight on the rope swing.
  5. Clear the area of any limbs or twigs.
  6. Set a rope on the ground to set the boundary of the ravine.
  7. Issue the challenge to the group.
    1. The rope cannot be tied to directly to anyone.
    2. If any of the nitro spills or if anyone steps or falls into the ravine, the entire group must begin the challenge again.
    3. The rope must be retrieved without anyone entering the ravine.
    4. No one is allowed to “sacrifice” themselves by entering the ravine to retrieve the rope.

Safety Precautions
Do not allow anything to be throw across the ravine.

Variations for accomplishing the event

  1. Accomplish the task with nonverbal communication.
  2. Have the group return across the ravine.
  3. Split the group into two teams and have teams cross the ravine in opposite directions.
  4. Impose a disability on any participant who lands in the ravine (user of only one arm, for example).
  5. Use a story line to create interest.

After the event

  1. Lead a group discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the group’s method after each variation is attempted.
  2. Have the group explore the possibility of a better or different way to achieve the challenge.  

Possible COPE Elements