TP Shuffle

TP Shuffle

The Challenge and Objectives
Half the group will stand on each end of a pole or log that is lying on the ground. Without touching the ground, the two parties must change ends as quickly as possible.

Tasks for the Instructor

  1. Check the position and integrity of the pole.
  2. Divide the group in half and position players at opposite ends of the pole.
  3. Weight test the pole to ensure that it will not roll when people stand on it.
  4. Issue the challenge to the group.
    1. All members of the team must be on the pole or log through the challenge
    2. No part of anyone’s body may touch the ground.
    3. Assess a time penalty for every touch on the ground.

Safety Precautions

  1. Ensure that the pole/log is stable.
  2. Facilitators should spot the group.

Variations for accomplishing the event

After the event

  1. Lead a group discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the group’s method.
  2. Have the group explore the possibility of a better or different way to meet the challenge. 

Possible COPE Elements