Whale Watcher

Whale Watcher

The Challenge and Objectives
The group performs tasks while standing on a wooden platform balanced on the middle of a beam. See the list of variations below for ideas. Instructors can use their own creativity to create fun tasks – such as keeping the platform balanced while singing a song for 10 seconds, etc.

Tasks for the Instructor

  1. Check the platform for cracked or loose boards or protruding screws.
  2. Raise the platform to check for wildlife.
  3. Weight test the element by stomping on the platform to make sure it is solid throughout.
  4. Participants are instructed to balance the platform, distributing their teams weight around the platform
  5. Ask the group to create a plan for how to accomplish the challenge.

Safety Precautions

  1. Caution participants not to put hands or feet under the edges of the platform.

Variations for accomplishing the event

  1. Split the group in half at opposite ends of the platform. The group boards the “ship” without allowing the platform to touch the ground.
  2. The divided group changes ends of the platform without letting it touch the ground.
  3. With participants standing on the opposite edge of the platform, the group rotates 360 degrees without letting the platform touch the ground.
  4. With the divided group standing on the ground at each end of the platform, participants exchange ends with the fewest platform ground touches.
  5. With the group balanced in the center of the platform, participants move to the ends of the platform with the fewest possible platform ground touches.
  6. With the group balanced on the platform, everyone abandons ship (steps off the platform) without allowing the platform to touch the ground.

After the event

  1. Lead a group discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the group’s method after each variation is attempted.
  2. Have the group explore the possibility of a better or different way to achieve the challenge.  

Possible COPE Elements