Wild Woosey

Wild Woosey

The Challenge and Objectives
Two participants standing at the apex of two cables set in a “V” configuration must walk out on the cables as far as possible, each helping the other maintain balance. Participants may not touch the ground. Everyone must participate in spotting.

Tasks for the Instructor

  1. Inspect that cable connections are secure; check for any broken strands on the cable; and weight test the setup by applying your full body weight to each cable.
  2. Clear the area of any limbs or twigs that may cause a safety hazard for the participants.
  3. If participants have not already been taught how to spot, conduct a spotting trust circle exercise to teach proper spotting technique.
  4. Explain the challenge to the participants.

Safety Precautions

  1. Spot participants as they climb onto the cables.
  2. Spotters must move with the participants, spotting them throughout the challenge. Two or more spotters need to create a “zipper” with their forearms to provide a safety net for the participants in case someone loses their balance.
  3. Participants must keep their bodies upright, and arms locked.
  4. Participants must grasp each other’s hands, but should not interlace their fingers or they risk injury in a fall.

After the event
Remember to ask questions that get the group talking about their experiences.

Possible COPE Elements