Natural Rock Training

Natural Rock Climbing Instructor Training Agenda


Council COPE/TowerTraining within last 10 months (includes Summer Camp from previous year)

How to Register:

Registration is handled through the Occoneechee Council website. Go to the Council Training Calendar and find the training event (April/May time period) and follow the directions posted there. Or contact Tony Cowan for more information.

Training Schedule:

9:00 AM – Begin Morning Session

  • Open – Introductions
  • Pre-Climb Concerns
    • Reserving gear
    • Environmental and Safety Issues (Weather, Hospital locations, Wilderness survival discussion, E-plan discussion, etc.)
    • Parking permits and State park rules
    • Basic First Aid / Wilderness First Aid  & Medical evacuations
  • Knots
    • Review of basic knots (Figure 8, On a Bight and Follow-through, Super 8, butterfly, bowline, water knot)
    • New Knots - Mule Knot, In-line 8 – Show mule knot on belay devices.
    • Concept of releasable rappel (show here and teach by hands-on example) tied on a Rescue Figure 8 device.  
  • Equipment – Inventory, Logs, & Familiarization
    • Harnesses, helmets, shoes,
    • Ropes for climbing
    • Ropes & Webbing for anchors
    • Anchor Braces
    • Other Anchor Gear – Cams, Chocks, etc. that participants may have
  • Anchors – Training & Practice on rocks, trees, etc., not on cliff face
    •  ERNEST – show examples and practice.  Reference to BSA Topping Out manual.
    • Angles of force diagram; Dangers of cross-loading carabiners
    • Practice with emphasis on a these systems: 1) Simple static equalization with webbing, 2) Equalized webelettes, and 3) Equalized cordelette-style anchor using a static rope

Saturday Afternoon Session

  • Continue hands-on sessions with anchors
  •  Cliff side demonstration of top-rope belay for climbing, with climber-belayer communication, and review of belay technique.
  •  Rappel Rescues – single line rappel with top-roped belay
    • Demonstrate releasable rappel at cliff edge
    • Set-up and Practice

Sunday 9:00 AM

  • Practical Applications – Small teams will complete full setup of top rope belayed climbing routes on multiple sites.  Discussions of anchors, site selections,and managing participant safety.
  • Practical Applications – Small teams will complete full setup of a single line rappel with top-rope belay.  Discussions of anchors, site selections,and managing participant safety.
  •  Final gear inventory/Log books

Our goal to end by Noon, with continued opportunities to climb depending on Instructors and group.